Finding the heart of your business

Focus on what makes YOUR  business truly unique. How did you get started?  Why do you do what you do? What's your passion?  Highlighting your services and product within the context the story behind it all (YOUR story!) will help you define your business and set you apart from others.  



Non profit organizations

You have a need: to create awareness and raise money for your cause.   What better way to do that than through a compelling video piece that captures your mission and the heart of what you do.  The story of your organization should be told in a fresh, honest, informative and appealing way.  I can help focus your goals and create a compelling and effective video tool for outreach.



Special occasions should be remembered

There is nothing like gathering with the important people in your world- your family and friends- and sharing a special time together.  But when it is over, it's pretty awesome to be able to relive some of those special moments. To see who was there... to hear their voices as they share special thoughts and wishes... to make you feel like you are back in the moment again.  Whether it be a Mitzvah, anniversary or special birthday celebration- there is always a flow to an event and story within that.  Let us tell it for you!  



Capture the memories, faces and stories that define your family

The people in a family, especially grandparents, have so much to tell about their personal experiences and your family's history.   They are the key to the past, and the stories they have to share are treasures.  Don't let those stories and those details be lost!  Take the time NOW to have them share them.  We will come and conduct documentary style interviews with parents, grandparents, family members or friends.  We will turn those interviews into a beautifully organized and edited piece.  The whole experience is an incredibly special one- because this is about sharing and preserving your family's history.  Just to have these memories on video for you, your children and your family is the ultimate gift.   



Sing, Dance and Star in a Music Video... What could more fun than that?

Whether you are looking for an idea for a 5 year old party or a 50th birthday celebration... THIS IS A BLAST!   You pick your song(s), we take care of the rest.  You will lip sync to favorite performers or bands.  Get to ham it up with all sorts of instruments and accessories.  And have an all around amazing party experience.  

More details available upon request



Let's brainstorm and get it done!!  

We welcome projects BIG or small