We are snow lovers around here.  We romp in the white stuff to no end- sledding, snow shoeing, hiking in the woods, making snow people and magical snow angels.  (I am not even including skiing in this list because Penny and Lilly haven't mastered coming along on that sort of outing yet).  There is nothing like a crisp winter day where the sun is shining and you just want to get out in it and embrace the absolute beauty of WINTER.   Just makes you want to pause to sigh and take a deep cleansing, life affirming breathe!  

That said, we have collectively all had enough.  ENOUGH we say, we yell, we bark, we yip!  This snow, while still seemingly beautiful, has become impassible. unplayable and well, just plain old not fun anymore.   Even a snow day (at one time in the season a gift) has lost it's sparkle.  We just can't get around in this snowy crusty icy uneven mess.  

Poor Penny, who's favorite activity is retrieving (as it should be…).   We throw the ball and one of two things happens.  Penny can't get to it because her little skinny legs get caught in the deep deep crusty snow… OR  the ball ends up going into one of the deep footprint holes from a previous ball throwing attempt only to never be found again.  Done… end of activity.  No fun for Penny.

And Lilly… well she's just getting plain old FAT.  Her favorite activity- running off with wild abandon in the woods and not returning until she has burned off all her excess energy (which can take a good 10 or 15 minutes each time) has been reduced to gingerly walking on the trails in a single file line.  BO-RING.  She has resolved to just stand at the hill at home, toy hanging from mouth, and watch Penny attempt to find her ball in one of the big crater holes in the backyard.  And get even fatter.

So what does this leave us with?  Two frustrated, under exercised, bored, depressed dogs.  And there is really nothing more depressing than a depressed labrador retriever….  

But deep deep under all that sadness and frustration is the glimmering of HOPE.  I see it in their eyes.  They stare out the window at the pool and dream of days to come.  Days when the sun will rise high in the sky and with it bring warm, snow melting temperatures.  Days when the grass (the green stuff we haven't laid eyes on in months) will reappear bringing back open spaces for ball throwing and roll scratching and jumping and pooping.  Days when the cover will be removed from the ice crusted pool and the backyard swimming hole will again be open for business.  SPLASH… we can almost feel it now.  Those days will come.  We just have to believe it.  Those days will, indeed, come...