Dorothy Had It Right

The girls just came back from a weekend vacation away.  Well, to be truly honest, WE just came back from a weekend away, and THEY came back from the trainer’s house where they go when we can’t take them with us (which is usually).   Every time we head out of town, I get so excited for Penny and Lilly because I know that they will be in a place with lots of other dogs running around and chasing each other and having just the best crazy canine adventure EVER!!  And what could be better than that?  And so knowing this leaves me free to have a wonderful time loving my time away too. But it’s funny.  The last two times they came back to me, they’ve been really clingy and lovey and even a little mopey too.  They seem so incredibly content to just be at home and nestle together on their dog beds.  It got me thinking- how happy are they really on their doggie “vacation”?   Could it be that even if they have lots of doggie friends to play with, and they are well taken care of, maybe they just want to sleep in their own bed in their own house with their own things?  Huh…  And I realized that that is how I feel sometimes too.  As much as I love a new experience, there is nothing like returning to the familiar.  I guess it comes down to the fact that in then end, for my girls and for me too, there’s really no place like home.

IMG_1760   Back home... the girls relaxing