Morning Love

I was enjoying an early morning lick bath from Penny and Lilly this morning.  It starts out quite pleasant.  A morning hug for my two beautiful girls.  But before I know it, I’ve got two dogs on top of me licking with a vengeance.  Lilly goes for my underarms, which is just not enjoyable for me and I can’t imagine why it would be for her.  Penny goes right for the face.  Which is good for a lick or two but then thoughts of what she licked before and therefore what is now getting all over my face cross my mind and we need to be done with that.  So after our pleasant yet unpleasant episode I am left war torn and sticky from dog saliva.  Not quite the most clean way to bring on the day.  But nice to go into it knowing I am loved. Image

Lilly- in one of her few face on photo ops